Story of The Beech and The Soul

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There they were, on edge of the hill looking at the abyss. The Eternal Abyss. The Soul and The Tree, standing there for an eternity. Abyss was full of dust and fog, one was not able to see even itself inside. They were above it, seeing all of the nothingness. Shapeless, black and grey fog, moving with an incogitable motion. Like a river flowing without any end. A River of Black and Grey Fog. A dance of darkness and blur. Shapeless flow of eternity and life and death and time.

There they were, looking at the Abyss. ” The bright light of the day, you bear in your eyes. ” said The Soul of Eternal Abyss. And turned his eyes to the Abyss. The hollow, two black suns, with two shinny black lights, darkening the way through. ” I wish there was a light” he said, ” not necessarily that bright, but just a little beam of light. ” he continued. ” I wish… “

The Tree, couldn’t understand him, ” The words, The Soul using, should mean something ancient, some archaic knowledge. ” she thought. Then turned her face to him. Blinked for once, for a second, and everywhere was nihil in that exact moment, like darkened again. ” How… ” she said with a weak and fearing voice. ” How did this universe occur? ” She was curious and full of trust of him, even though, that abyss and so the universe was extremely away from any possible imaginary creation of her. Out of her limits, limits of creativity, limits of fear, limits of overthinking, existing, questioning, talking and seeing… ” Chaos. ” he answered only, without blinking his eyes or turning his face.

The Tree has never asked neither why she was a tree nor why he was a soul and never questioned his authority, she was only living the enjoyable moment of light within dark. But it was a different story for The Soul. He was well aware of the lack of aim for existing, for thinking, for fearing, hearing and seeing, loving and hating, for all, for none… For being. Alas! He was also fearing, yet she was also not aware of that. He was afraid of losing the only one, only thing with a light ever existed in that black and shapeless foggy universe. In that Abyss. He was afraid of another thing tho, more than losing her directly, which, transforming her into another soul. Limitless, boundless, shapeless, full of control without excitement, full of planed without unexpected and full of being right without doing the unknown. He was afraid of her light, bright light of the day. It has never existed in that abyss except her. Beside the ideas of touching or having that light, even when protecting her, those fears kept him keeping her away from himself. Locking the inner circle of the core of his soul. Keeping darkness inside, darkness that caused the Chaos he mentioned which created that Eternal Abyss. The Darkness was hungry for more, more information, more control and more of all without any unexpected. He was afraid that darkness could spread to The Tree’s core. Transforms her.

All these thoughts were flowing inside of The Soul, and there was a sharp silence while these thoughts were flying inside. She was smiling, looking at him with an embarrased face. How could she achieve such thing? Being full of power, traveling all that way through the world of her kind, trees, to that dark abyss, lands of fear and nothing. And still smiling, looking at his hollows, seeing things in that voids which no-one ever saw, even The Soul itself and being happy with that darkness somehow. Most importantly bearing the light of day still, after all the process. He was amazed by that, he is still amazed. Yet he should have protect her from the darkness, it was not certain if she could bear such power all the time.

She was checking around with curious eyes, touching the nothing, trying to catch The Soul time to time, yet it was only nothing she could ever get and she was neither giving up nor being tired by that. After some time, with that hollows, soul looked trough that beautiful branches of her. They were not part of this Abyss so they were getting weaker after each second, after a while it was even visible. He thought, as he does all the time. She was not aware, as usual. Then, all of his thoughts let him understand, he was some sort of source that consumes and corrupts the light of the day, The Tree bears. So he decided to vanish, once and for all. Took his universe with all it’s fog and mist and gone. It took time for The Tree to see the difference of her light, getting more healthier yet she never found such trust. She defoliated for 1 year, remembered and missed The Soul, whenever she saw a shadow. Chased him, after she understood the fears of him, to thank him.

In a shore, The Tree found The Soul once more, changed. More dark, more shapeless, more concentrated and full of nothing this time. All he has, which was barely visible last time, now was gone. Once and for all, he was totally lost, and lost more than last time. She thanked her, he knew. He saw the light one more time, maybe the last time, maybe not, that he never knows.


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